La paura, il virus e la dittatura digitale

Fear, the Virus and the Digital Dictatorship

  • Enrico Pedemonte
  • Paolo Bottazzini

Abstract [ita]

Quarantena e controllo digitale: il Covid-19 ha spinto il mondo lungo sentieri fino a ieri inimmaginabili, mai percorsi nelle pandemie del passato. E ha dimostrato che la “società del controllo” ha modificato la nostra cultura e le nostre aspettative. Thomas Hobbes ha teorizzato che l’esistenza dello Stato assolutista si fonda sulla paura della morte. Nel nuovo capitalismo della sorveglianza, sono le piattaforme digitali a difenderci dalle paure? Con quali conseguenze per la nostra libertà?

Abstract [eng]

Quarantine has not been used during any of the three pandemics of the twentieth century. What has changed since then? In this article, the two authors hypothesize that the victory of the society of control plays an important role in this modification of collective psychology. Society of control is based on the fear of a generalized threat, as hypothesized by the assumptions on which Thomas Hobbes found his Leviathan. With Covid, each of us has become a threat to everyone else. The ultimate goal of society of control’s latest version - surveillance capitalism - is the total manipulation of individuals who can be put under control in order to eliminate threatening aspects of their behaviour and become functional gears of society. The pandemic could be the perfect opportunity to implement the tools of control designed in the Silicon Valley to carry out both their business objectives, and their anthropological policy design of control society and surveillance capitalism.

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PEDEMONTE, Enrico; BOTTAZZINI, Paolo. Fear, the Virus and the Digital Dictatorship. DigitCult - Scientific Journal on Digital Cultures, [S.l.], v. 5, n. 1, p. 1-10, aug. 2020. ISSN 2531-5994. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 27 oct. 2021. doi:
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